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On average, it takes students more than 5 years to complete their bachelor’s degree.

With increasing tuition costs and fees, this is bad news for your pocketbook and your retirement. With our expertise, proprietary evaluation process and support, we help uncover possible financial assistance you may be eligible for and reveal ways to potentially minimize your out-of-pocket cost.

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As your child walks in to their first day of their senior year of high school, bittersweet emotions and pride in their accomplishment may be overwhelming. College is on the horizon for them and senioritis is kicking in, but you are already behind. Increasing pressure is being put on students to finish college in four years with a full load of classes and social life, while figuring out how to live on their own and grow in to thriving adults with upper-level jobs after graduation. With this added pressure, students are choosing the wrong schools and the wrong majors, thus prolonging the time and increasing the costs of an already expensive endeavor.

How can you combat the overwhelming costs that college fees bring?

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Trust us to provide confidence in the negotiation and help get your student into their dream school.
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We help deliver the freedom and release the pressure of one of the biggest "adulthood" decisions.
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Our guidance through the rigourous application processes can simplify the acceptance and award process.
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Applying For College Is Easy, NOT

Applying for college is easy, right? I have heard four letter words used to describe the college application process, but easy is not one of those words. And just to make the process a little more challenging, according to an article “A Fumble on a Key FASFA  Tool, and a Failure to Communicate” (Dynarski, NY Times) …

College Tuition, Don’t Miss The Deadlines

Deadlines can be opportunity killers.  Whoever coined the word “deadline” got it right. Deadlines, if missed, kill opportunities. Many times permanently. And whether or not missing the deadline is your fault, it will leave behind regret, bitterness, sadness and even anger over the experiences that could have been but are now gone forever. Some years …

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