Financial Advisor Sarasota

Financial Advisor Sarasota
If you’re searching for a qualified financial advisor in the Sarasota area, Wealth Planning and Design would love to speak with you about your needs. While most people tend to think of a financial advisor as one who gives the best advice in terms of investment opportunities, a financial advisor has far greater value than merely pointing clients to investments. A financial advisor in Sarasota is able to help you with goal formation, something that very few people are able to establish on their own, making a financial advisor a valuable asset to have in your corner.
Wealth Planning and Design LLC is a firm that provides a biblical worldview to money and finance. Being a good steward of our resources causes us to look at our financial lives a little differently based on our belief system. Two of their members have earned the Qualified Kingdom Advisor designation, having successfully completed training and other requirements as well as making personal commitments to biblical standards in order to do so.
A good financial advisor can further keep an individual from making rash or inconsistent decisions, by providing comprehensive behavior management. Since we can all be prone to bias with regard to behavior, it is especially important that a professional keeps us on track to stay the course rather than chasing after the next new or exciting thing that takes shape. An experienced financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota can help you stay the course, with professional advice designed to help you build wealth.
While most planners focus on picking the winners in investing, Wealth Planning and Design feels it is equally, if not more, important to avoid the losses. In working with clients, they often find that taking a view of the entire financial picture allows them to “see” the places where money may be unnecessarily lost. If those places can be identified, clients are more willing to save those and redirect them. This enables their clients to have a profound affect on their stewardship of what God has given to them.
When it comes to money, nothing is more critical than good communication. But whether it’s with your spouse, business partner, or advisor, all too often financial conversations are difficult. This can lead to ineffective decision-making at best, and complete avoidance, at worst. Wealth Planning and Design has a proven process that begins with communication, and with helping you discover that you have unique strengths where communication is concerned. A financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota can help you discover how to communicate more effectively in four key areas: problem solving, processing information, managing change and facing risk.
If you’d like to speak with a financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota, they welcome your call at 941-361-1484. You can also visit their Web site at, where you can learn more about the company and how they are uniquely qualified to help you plan your financial future. You’ll be glad you contacted a financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota, and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.
Financial Advisor Sarasota
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