Independent Financial Advisor Sarasota

Independent Financial Advisor Sarasota
An independent financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota offers years of training and experience that enable them to work with many types of clients and situations. Their experience allows them to quickly assess your needs and provide unique advice for your financial planning strategy. Many people fail to realize that one of the most valuable and important assets that a financial advisor brings to the table is the ability to help you avoid making a financial mistake that would cause  damage to your portfolio- damage you may not be able to recover from.
Wealth Planning and Design wants their clients to recognize that an independent financial advisor from their Sarasota firm will provide them with a biblical worldview to money and finance. They believe that being a good steward of the resources that God has entrusted us with causes us to look at our financial lives differently, based on our belief system. Two of Wealth Planning and Design’s members have earned the Qualified Kingdom Advisor designation, having successfully completed training and other requirements as well as making personal commitments to uphold biblical standards with regards to their finances.
An independent financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota can help you set realistic financial goals for your future, and set up a strategy so that you can achieve those goals. One of the ways that financial advisors are able to do this, is by behavior management, which simply means that they work to keep you from chasing after the newest or next exciting opportunity that comes along. Helping you to stay the course of your original goals is one important way that an independent financial investor in Sarasota can assist you in achieving those goals, instead of simply setting them.
Wealth Planning and Design is also focused on avoiding losses, instead of continuously trying to pick winners. From working with their clients, they have found that taking a view of the entire financial picture allows them to ‘see’ the places where money may be unnecessarily lost. Identifying those places helps clients to be more willing to save in those areas while redirecting in other areas. This approach enables their clients to have a profound affect on their stewardship of what God has given to them.
You can contact an independent financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota now, by calling (941) 361-1484. Get started now preparing for your future by scheduling a no-risk, complimentary private session designed to help you discover where your communication strengths lie.
Wealth Planning and Design believes that when it comes to money, few things are more critical than good communication. However, whether it is with your spouse, business partner or advisor, all too often financial conversations prove difficult. This can lead to ineffective decision making at best, and complete avoidance of the topic at worst.
An independent financial advisor in Sarasota’s Wealth Planning and Design will help you with their proven process that begins with communication, by helping you discover that you have unique strengths where communication is concerned. If you’d like to learn more about this process, and how it can help you to set up an effective financial strategy for your future, visit It’s never too early to get a strategy in place.
Independent Financial Advisor Sarasota
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