Sarasota Life Insurance

Sarasota Life Insurance
If you live in or around the Sarasota area and are interested to learn about how life insurance can help with your financial planning, Wealth Planning and Design can help you understand how important life insurance can be as an essential component of business, especially with multiple partners. Life insurance can ensure that the surviving partners have available liquidity so that if necessary, they can buy out the interest of family members of a partner who has passed on.
Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota offers life insurance planning for their clients. Other areas of concentration include asset allocation, business succession planning, cash management and budgeting, charitable giving, comprehensive financial planning, estate planning, investment management and many other financial strategy planning ideas.
Wealth Planning and Design LLC is a firm that provides a biblical worldview to money and finance. Being a good steward of our resources causes us to look at our financial lives a little differently based on our belief system. Two of their members have earned the Qualified Kingdom Advisor designation, having successfully completed training and other requirements as well as making personal commitments to biblical standards in order to do so.
Second to die life insurance is a unique type of whole life that covers two lives instead of one, and eventually pays the claim at the time of the death of the second party that is insured. Second to die insurance has the potential to offer lower premiums. A financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design in Sarasota can tell you how life insurance planning can assist you with meeting your financial goals.
In typical cases, proceeds from a life insurance policy will be transferred tax free to the surviving source or person or persons named on the policy. Directly naming the beneficiary will ensure that tax free money will be left to the person of your choosing. 
While most planners focus on picking the winners in investing, Wealth Planning and Design feels it is equally, if not more, important to avoid the losses. In working with their clients, they find that taking a view of the entire financial picture allows them to “see” the places where money may be unnecessarily be lost. If those places can be properly identified, they find that clients are willing to save those and redirect them. This enables their clients to have a profound affect on their stewardship of what God has given to them.
When it comes to money, nothing is more critical than good communication. But whether it’s with your spouse, business partner, or advisor, all too often financial conversations are difficult.  This can lead to ineffective decision-making at best, and complete avoidance, at worst. This is why Wealth Planning and Design’s proven process starts with communication. Did you know that you have unique strengths where communication is concerned? And so do the other important people in your life! A financial advisor from Wealth Planning and Design can help you discover how to communicate more effectively in 4 key areas: Problem Solving, Processing Information, Managing Change, and Facing Risk.
If you’d like to speak with someone in the Sarasota area from Wealth Planning and Design about life insurance for wealth planning, contact them today by calling  (941) 361-1484. You’ll never regret the decision to set clear goals for your future, and learn how to achieve them.
Sarasota Life Insurance
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