The Wealth Plan Process

A collaborative process of financial planning, coordinating design,
tax, legal, investment and cash-flow.

Our Story

Over 100 years of service you can trust.

Wealth Planning and Design is a family office financial planning firm. Taxes, estate planning, risk, and investment management often require consumers to meet with multiple professionals. Wealth Planning and Design simplifies the process by coordinating taxes, estate planning, risk and investment management in a custom developed personalized process with your other professionals.

Many of the financial lessons that the average American uses today are based on “what you have been told to think” not “how to think”. This philosophy has created a dilemma and a crisis for the average American family. Being told “what to think” involves you transferring your wealth away to those who – create the situations – control the outcomes– and profit from you. But you’re not just an average American.

You’re Different, you are looking for better planning. You don’t buy products and services off the shelf, everything you do is custom built to fit you. You have been told that financial planning is portfolio management, but you know better and you know there must be more available. There is….

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Our Simple Impactful Process

Simple Yet Intricate Financial Management And Planning



Introductory Meeting – get to know each other and determine if we are fit to work together. There is no charge for this meeting and it can be done in person, online or on a phone call.



We build your personal financial website that coordinates your financial life in one organized place. You provide the data we bring it to life.



We use your personal financial website to evaluate financial decisions you wish make. This process shows you what impact your decision will make compared to your goals. You provide the “What if’s” we show you the impact.



Add your other financial professionals to the team. Every financial decision we make touches some other area of our lives, tax and legal just to name two. We invite and include the other professionals in your life to be included in the planning process. You no longer need to “bring other professionals up to speed”. You define the team we keep in play.

If you do not have other professionals, we can introduce you to one who already works with and understands our process.



Implement and work your plan, keeping your entire team engaged. Wealth Planning and Design is your focal point of contact. You set the goals we keep the teams eye on the target.



Life happens in real time and so should your plan. Because your personal financial website updates in real time we can engage your planning team in real time and neither should your planning. Our process allows us to adjust and life adjusts, in real time.

Specialized Planning Areas

Simple yet intricate for those with more than most


How do you balance saving for a child’s education with other current and future goals?

Business Owners

Making small adjustments to your plan today may have a substantial impact on tomorrow.


Retire on your terms.

Expert Perspectives

Learn from our experts with insightful perspectives and advice. We can’t make any promises or commitments but if you are one of those who wonder if you CAN keep more wouldn’t you like to know if you could? Planning should be forward looking not a historical account. You don’t pack for a vacation after you arrive yet that is often what we do when it comes to tax planning.

Our Why

We help you live a life that matters and reach your financial potential.

Life is about family and very few things in life are as important as family. Life’s journey can be complicated with many moving parts. Marriage, children, career, business ownership, home ownership, college expenses, weddings and even funerals are all part of this complicated life. You want the best, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually possible for your family. We help families by guiding them financially through life’s journey with a specific plan that is as unique as their family. It is difficult to get the right solution when you’re starting out with the wrong premise. If you center your future around a false belief system, your life will be the result of what you believe. Financially, we assume things to be true that may not.

In order to make solid financial and life decisions you must learn to recognize the difference between opinion and fact. You must learn to think a layer deeper. Every one of your financial decisions creates an opportunity, either for you or others. Thinking a layer deeper in your new thought process will create a defining moment in your financial future. After all, what you know today will determine where you will be five to ten years from now.


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