The Wealth Plan Process

A collaborative process of financial planning, coordinating design,
tax, legal, investment and cash-flow.

Our Story

Over 100 years of service you can trust.

Wealth Planning and Design is a family office financial planning firm. Taxes, estate planning, risk, and investment management often require consumers to meet with multiple professionals. Wealth Planning and Design simplifies the process by coordinating taxes, estate planning, risk and investment management in a custom developed personalized process with your other professionals.

Many of the financial lessons that the average American uses today are based on “what you have been told to think” not “how to think”. This philosophy has created a dilemma and a crisis for the average American family. Being told “what to think” involves you transferring your wealth away to those who – create the situations – control the outcomes– and profit from you. But you’re not just an average American.

You’re Different, you are looking for better planning. You don’t buy products and services off the shelf, everything you do is custom built to fit you. You have been told that financial planning is portfolio management, but you know better and you know there must be more available. There is….

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